Sleep Tight Bed bug Detection

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Sleep Tight Bed bug Detection

Sleep Tight is a K9 Bed Bug Detection Service.  Here are a few questions a person should ask BEFORE hiring a K9 inspection team whether they are independent or part of a pest control company:

What is included in the inspection?
- the handler and detection dog sweeps all areas

What actions are performed during the inspection?
- alerted areas are marked by the handler
- marked areas are  physically inspected
- the canine handler will keep documentation all of the area inspected and a copy of the documentation will be given to the customer for their records

How long does an inspection take?
- the amount of time depends on the size of area to be inspected

If the K-9 company is also a pest control company, can we use a pest control company of our choice for treatment?
- Sleep Tight
is not affiliated with a pest control company
- it is your choice of the services available to eradicate the bed bug problem